PAR38D Lamp 20W

PAR38D is uniquely designed for lightweight installations, and it can easily retrofit all HID lights and provides high quality lighting by CRI 80. As it’s IP65 rated, it is also a good choice for outdoor lighting applications.
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PAR38D Lamp 20W

Model Name Total Power Consumption Lm/W Lumen CRI Lifetime  (L70)  @ Ta 25°C Power Supply Operation Temperature Certification IP
PR38D-20K85-T-mEyysillp-O2WCA2C8 20W 120 2400 80 60000 90-305 V -30 °C to +50 °C. CE 65
PR38D-20K85-T-mEyysillp-O2WSA2C8 20W 108 2160 80 60000 90-305 V -30 °C to +50 °C. CE 65

(N1): Tolerance Wattage and Light output will be +/- 10% at cold stage.

(N2): "XXX" means "the base is option"

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